What is GOFOS™?

GOFOS™ is a sweet tasty soluble prebiotic fiber consisting about 95% of short chain fructo-oligosaccharides (sc-FOS). sc-FOS naturally occurs in small amounts in many fruits and vegetables such as: onions, garlic, bananas and asparagus.

GOFOS™ is produced from beet sugar by a proprietary unique enzymatic process, leading to the formation of three components: GF2 (about 37%), GF3 (about 53%) and GF4 (about 10%), with guaranteed ratios.

GOFOS™ – available in liquid and powder forms.

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Market Segments

Family Health

Family Health

Provides functional and nutritional benefits to produce healthy and tasty products in various food applications

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Home Pets

Home Pets

Cost-effective ingredient to upgrade your product to meet consumer demand for healthy pet food

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Animal Nutrition

Animal Nutrition

Ideal prebiotic for optional growth and performance

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For over 80 years we’ve been refining the best of nature’s raw materials producing and supplying high quality sweetening solutions, starches, pregels and nutritional & specialty ingredients.

Galam is a world leader manufacturer of sugar -based crystalline fructose and syrups.

Galam masters starch and sugar technologies including enzymatic processes, purification,refining and drying.

Product development, engineering design, customer support & applications are our core competencies.

Galam is a privately-owned company, headquartered in Kibbutz Maanit, located in central Israel

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Galam is currently expanding its longtime expertise and know-how in the sugar and starch manufacturing by entering into the nutritional dietary fiber arena with GOFOS™ short chain fructo- oligosaccharides as a new comer.

Galam operates three divisions:
Food and Beverage, Pet and Industry.
Selling to more than 40 countries worldwide.

Our dedicated teams of expert technologists, engineers and product managers will accompany and support you through product introduction
in the market.

Our production plants, blending facilities and application laboratories located in Israel, Germany and Spain.