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GOFOS™ is a cost-effective prebiotic fiber to upgrade your product to meet the consumers demands for healthy Pet foods.

GOFOS™ is suitable for use in Wet/Dry food

The Best For Your Pet

Pet owners consider their pets as part of their family and have become increasingly aware of the significance of nutrition to their pet’s overall health and wellness. Human health and wellness trends are clearly transferring to the pet food market more rapidly than ever.

Pet owners are interested in the quality of their pets’ diet and search for pet foods that are enriched with healthy ingredients. Gut health is a growing trend in the pet food industry where it is well-known that maintaining a healthy gut is essential for Pets wellbeing and happy long life.

The beneficial bacterial populations that colonize the pet’s gut play a pivotal role in their health, they are involved in nutritional, functional and immunological processes

What is GOFOS™?

GOFOS™ is a high purity of about 95% of short chain fructo-oligosaccharides (sc-FOS). sc-FOS is a highly effective prebiotic fiber and is one of the most researched soluble prebiotic fibers today.

sc-FOS remains undigested by enzymes in the stomach and small intestine and rapidly reaches the gut. Thanks to its short chains it is quickly and selectivity fermented by the beneficial bacteria in the gut. It nourishes and promotes their growth and inhibits the proliferation of potential harmful bacteria.

sc-FOS contributes to Pet good health & wellbeing by selectively stimulating the growth and activity of beneficial bacteria in their gut.

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Reduces Stool